The Business of Baseball: Wilmer Flores

By Tyler Broderick


Okay, I know this article is a little late, but how could we not talk about it? Wilmer Flores, age 23, is a fine young prospect that plays 2B/SS for the New York Mets. Flores has been in the Mets system for over 7 years and has now entered his 3rd season with the Mets. The once highly ranked prospect was caught in a less then pleasant situation about a week ago. During the trade deadline, fans were shouting at Flores that he had been traded and as most of us know, tears began to roll down his face. Personally, I have never seen anything like this on a professional level, but this may be a blessing in disguise for the Mets.

Yoenis_Cespedes_1First of all, knowing what happened after this event, I think the Cespedes trade worked out much better for the Mets after the Gomez trade fell through. Let’s talk about trade value; the Mets gave up far less talent for Yoenis Cespedes than they would have for Carlos Gomez. Zack Wheeler is a former first round draft pick and top prospect. Without his injury earlier this year he would no doubt be in the Mets starting 5 pitching rotation (Harvey, deGrom, Big Fat Bart, Wheeler, and Syndergaard). Not to mention Wilmer Flores who is an infielder that has the potential to be a solid starting 2B/SS in the near future. Mets fans let’s face it, David Wright (32) who can’t stay healthy, Juan Uribe (36), Kelly Johnson (33) and Daniel Murphy (30) will not be there forever. The Mets should be holding and developing their young infield players. Instead, the Mets gave up their 5th best pitching prospect (which Mets have plenty of), and another right handed pitching prospect. With all this being said, I think Cespedes is a much better for the Mets anyway. Carlos Gomez has a slightly better WAR (wins above replacement), but Cespedes has a slightly higher oWAR (Offensive wins above replacement) and batting average. I understand that Cespedes is more than likely a rental player for the Mets, but he provides instant offense and has been reported to be a great personality in the clubhouse.

Now for the main focus of the article, Wilmer Flores tearing up on the field during the game. Is Wilmer Flores a cry baby, child and/or even unprofessional? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not!! This is a 23 year old, who comes from a different country to play professional baseball and has been with the Mets his entire career. Not to mention he assumes he has been traded because fans a yelling at him from the stands as he goes to and from the dugout. This young man clearly loves playing for the Mets and has dedicated his entire life to them….do you still blame him for crying? If so, put it this way, you leave your home country straiWilmer-Floresght out of high school to take your dream job in another country. After 7 years of working hard, making friends, building relationships with staff and having the time of your life your employer says we don’t need you anymore we are going to send you to another division. With little warning you are forced to leave your dream job, as well as, the 7 years of friends, family, hard work you gave your company. Not to mention, you are not getting promoted or receiving any more money. How many of you readers would be happy if your company said we are moving you to a different location effective immediately and you are receiving no pay and you have a chance at a promotion, but nothing is guaranteed. Not to mention you have no say….Would you be happy with that?

Bottom line is that these “professional athletes” are humans too and although they play a game it is still a business. Sure it is part of the game that you could be traded just like that and it’s a risk you take, but Flores showed emotion and compassion for his team. Was it a little much? Possibly, but I’m sure he is ecstatic to still be in a Mets uniform, the front office is happy to have a young player who loves the team and will do anything and everything to win and Mets fans love the fact that Flores loves the team as much as they do. If a company could find a hard working productive employee that shows promise and dedication to the company they would be thrilled to have that employee. If everyday people can take the attitude Flores showed, people would have a great opportunity to grow and succeed within the organization they work for. In the business world this would be a win-win. Sports can often be related to the business world, and is not always just a game.



“We need never be ashamed of our tears.” – Charles Dickens


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